The Nativity of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Church
Orthodox Church in America
Menlo Park, CA
Have you longed for mouthwatering Piroshki with puffy golden sides or Pelmeni with juicy meat filling? Or perhaps you've never heard of it?
We are happy to invite all, the new-comers and our customers of 40-years back, to our traditional Slavic food event, Christmas Festival, on Saturday, December 3, from 11 am to 4 pm at the Nativity of the Holy Virgin Church in Menlo Park (1220 Crane St) where Ukranian Bortsh and Siberian Pelmeni are peacefully neighboring with Russian Piroshki - all for you to enjoy! 
We offer:
  • Piroshki, Pelmeni, Bliny, Golubtsy and Bortsch made by our sisterhood, served hot or frozen to take out; 
  • baking goods;
  • lucky barrel gifts;
  • live music;
  • activities for kids and more!
Our team makes these all-favorites according to the authentic recipes, inherited from Russian emigres of the beginning of the 20th century. The quality is checked by our veterans, 101-year old Ida and our tireless sisterhood Director for decades, Tatyana, who has claimed our Pelmeni to be the tastiest ever.
See you there!
Annual Rummage Sale

Come support us by attending our annual summer Rummage Sale.  The date varies each year.

Easter Picnic

To continue the joy of Pascha, we hold an annual potluck Easter Picnic on the Sunday of Pascha after the Agape Vespers. The picnic usually starts around 1 or 2pm. The location is different each year, so ask a church member where it will be!